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New Workshop: Making Conversation across Human Differences

Participants in workshops have shown interest in learning how to connect better across differences. They are asking for practical information ranging from what to say to start the conversation, what topics are ok and what to do if you accidentally offend someone. In response, I am working on a new workshop that will offer steps, tips and information to make this easier, and help people enter into these conversations with confidence.

If you have an interest, email Judy Tso

Dare to Talk Workshop Gains Popularity

Dare To Talk: Having Successful Conversations Across Differences

Since 2007, organizations have taken a greater interest in helping employees and staff have difficult conversations whether those conversations center around differences in communication, culture or whether they center around differing perceptions and expectations. The content behind Dare to Talk can be customized to meet the specific challenges your organization faces.

For a customized version of Dare to Talk, email Judy Tso

More information on Dare to Talk

Increasing Interest in Cultural Competency

There is increased interest in cultural competency as this concept expands beyond the health and public health arenas. More organizations are interested in being cultural competent. At Aha we define cultural competence as a process not an end point and it involves looking at multiple levels. Contact us to discuss increasing your organization's cultural competence..

Cultural Competency Report available

Aha is pleased to announce the unveiling of an important report on Cultural Competency in Experiential Environmental Education. This research was generously funded by the Barr Foundation.

Understanding Cultural Competency in Experiential Environmental Education Programs

For more information on conducting a cultural competency assessment, email Judy Tso

New Workshop From Judy Tso

Getting Comfortable with Discomfort: Bridging Differences for Greater Effectiveness

Remember irreconcilable differences... At work when we bump into the differences we have with other people, this can cause discomfort. Our normal human reaction is to avoid what is uncomfortable and avoid conflict, however this reaction reduces our human effectiveness. In this workshop, strengthen your ability to work through discomfort for better relationships and better work results.


To request a CD or schedule this workshop, send an email to Judy Tso

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